porto pollo plongée porto pollo plongée

Diving spots

Beginners can dive on the following spots :

This spot is 5minutes far from the harbour. It is ideal for those who enjoy nosing around the rocks.
The drop-off starts 18 meters deep and finishes at 25 meters. It is parallel to Porto Pollo beach. Upstream, you will meet an eel grass aerea with big rocky blocks here and there, and downstream, you will meet sand. If you really want to enjoy your dive, bring a flash light to focus on the cracks. Photographers will be delighted to discover such rich and diversified sea life in an aerea that is so near the seashore.

Rocky pinnacle, the top of which is 1meter above the surface, adapted to beginners : you will dive along a maze of rocks which goes down 30 meters deep.

This spot is full of fish, groupers, moray eels, barracudas, dentex, and so on.

Wonderful spot, one of the most popular dives of the Valinco Gulf.

The scenery is just amazing with sheer drop-offs starting 50 meters deep, the lowest ones rising up vertically to 17 meters, the lowest ones to 6 meters .

Flora and fauna are exceptionally beautiful with red coral down deep, wonderful red gorgonia offering shelter to damsel fish, groupers, morey eels, dentex and barracudas.

Rocky peaks starting 45meters deep, the highest rising up to 9 meters, the lowest ones to 25meters .

The rocky plateau includes cracks rising up between 17 and 25 meters and enables groupers and dentex to find shelter.

You will also see capons and sea slugs which photographers will certainly appreciate.

Big rocky reef 35 meters deep, rising up to 9 meters.

Divers will enjoy the company of numerous groupers, morey eels and barracudas.

This spot is next to the Petite Vallée, it is 45meters (or even more) deep.

You will see enormous groupers, red coral down deep, spiny lobsters, as well as wonderful gorgonia, dentex and barracudas hunting damsel fish.

Intermediate divers will be able to dive on the following spots :

Deep diving spot famous for its crossing through the rocks, 30meters deep, leading to a corridor deeper than 45 meters where spiny lobsters and red coral live next to each other.

This spot is 27 meters deep and only dedicated to experienced divers. There, you will be able to discover one of the rare black coral branches in Corsica, 35 meters deep.

It is rarely crowded and offers visitors some wonderful sights of red gorgonia, as well as groupers, dentex....

Rocky plateau, between 30 and 45 meters deep, covered with red gorgonia which are seen in blue, due to the depth.

Rocky peak which goes up to 12 meters and down to 35 meters. You will discover various rocky levels rising up to 25 meters. The bottom of the peak is half sandy, half rocky and covered with gorgonia on the eastern side.

A lot of groupers live there peacefully.

Advanced divers will be able to dive on the following spot :

This is a sporty beautiful 55 meter deep dive with frequent current, which requires perfect experience and technique.

There you often meet big groupers, as well as a beautiful black coral branch 40 meters deep, which proves how rich and exceptional this spot is.