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Patrick hung up its diving suit to explore other areas ! He chose Jérémy and Sylvain, both experienced divers, to succed him : from april to november, they will be happy to welcome you...

Porto Pollo is a small friendly seaside resort located in the Valinco Gulf, at a 20 minute drive from Propriano, where you will enjoy scuba diving. The diving center is located directly on the harbour : the Forban, an 8 meter / 20 seat barge, will take you to the most beautiful diving spots of the Valinco Gulf within a maximum of 15 minutes.

The sea temperature is between 18°C and 20°C in the low season, it reaches 20°C to 23°C in Summer until September. Visibility is often further than 25 meters ahead. Discover the Cathedrals and their gorgonia, the breathtaking peaks of les Aiguilles and their predators, the groupers of the Petite and Grande Vallée, without forgetting the black coral of Le Jardin and many other beauties.

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